Company Profile

The factory was incorporated in 1933 and has helped the company to accumulate proprietary know-how and technology since then.

The company’s history started when the founder Kakumichi Okazaki became determined to produce cutting tools at a small factory in pre-war Japan. The factory was incorporated in 1933 and has helped the company to accumulate proprietary know-how and technology since then. Okazaki Seiko Co., Ltd. established its history of growth by developing three pillars of business: MCO cutting tools started by the founder, carbide cutting tools demanded for the latest processing technology, and diamond and CBN grinding tools required for tool manufacturing.


Company Name
Okazaki Seiko Co.,LTD.
Head office and Plant
3-5-32 Zuiko,Higashi-yodogawa-ku Osaka 533-0005 Japan
Business activity
Manufacturing and selling of cutting and grinding tools
Domestic 3 plants
Business Locations
Domestic 15 offices



April 1933
Kakumichi Okazaki founded Okazaki Seisakusho at the current head office location, starting the production and sales of cutting tools.
January 1939
In addition to original production of cutting tools, launched the production of aircraft parts as a munition plant.
April 1945
Okazaki Seiko Co., Ltd established
July 1983
Constructed new head office plant, commemorating the 50th anniversary of the company’s establishment.
October 1984
Started production of diamond grinding tools.
December 1988
Constructed the Nose Plant to meet expanding demand.
April 1996
Established Okazaki Seiko Taiwan Co., Ltd. in Taipei, Taiwan.
July 2001
Expanded the Nose Plant to create a new factory dedicated to the production of high-speed steel tools.
June 2011
Constructed the Kobe Plant in Kita-ku, Kobe.

Business Locations


  • Sendai Office 984-0017 2-10-21 nanaironosato wakabayashi-ku Sendai city Miyagi TEL.+8122(354)0513 FAX.+8122(354)0327

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  • Koriyama Office 963-0107 3-31 azumi koriyama city Fukushima TEL.+8124(954)3536 FAX.+8124(954)3537

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  • Niigata Sales Office 940-0028 2-6-27 zao nagaoka, Niigata TEL.+81258(37)5061 FAX.+81258(37)5081

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  • Ueda Office 386-0011 1-1-31 chuokita ueda, Nagano TEL.+81268(21)5061 FAX.+81268(21)5062

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  • Ryomo Office 373-0033 14-2 nishihon-cho ota, Gunma TEL.+81276(25)4132 FAX.+81276(25)4131

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  • Tokyo Office 144-0052 4-39-1 kamata ota-ku tokyo, Tokyo TEL.+813(5710)8051 FAX.+813(5710)8052

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  • Atsugi office 243-0004 2-2-1 mizuhiki atsugi, Kanagawa TEL.+8146(224)3322 FAX.+8146(221)4081

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  • Hamamatsu Office 435-0057 330-1 nakada-cho higashi-ku hamamatsu, Shizuoka TEL.+8153(465)6412 FAX.+8153(465)7132

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  • Nagoya Sales Office 460-0013 1-6-9 kamimaezu naka-ku nagoya, Aichi TEL.+8152(331)6677 FAX.+8152(322)6134

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  • Kanazawa Sales Office 920-0364 3-30 matsushima kanazawa, Ishikawa TEL.+8176(240)7072 FAX.+8176(240)7116

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  • Itachibori Sales office 550-0012 1-9-27 itachibori nishi-ku osaka, Osaka TEL.+816(6541)5228 FAX.+816(6541)2681

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  • Higashi Osaka Sales Office 578-0964 5-28 shinjonishi higashiosaka, Osaka TEL.+816(6743)3689 FAX.+816(6743)3678

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  • Okayama office 700-0965 261-107 nishinagase kita-ku okayama, Okayama TEL.+8186(241)8664 FAX.+8186(241)4739

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  • Hiroshima Office 730-0806 2-13 nishitokaishimachi naka-ku hiroshima, Hiroshima TEL.+8182(297)5152 FAX.+8182(297)3311

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  • Fukuoka Sales Office 812-0016 3-2-30 hakataekiminami hakata-ku fukuoka, Fukuoka TEL.+8192(481)4811 FAX.+8192(481)4819

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  • Taiwan / Okazaki Seiko Co., Ltd. 10354 2-159-1 cheng-teh road taipei, Taiwan TEL.+866-2-2553-3533 FAX.+866-2-2557-4687

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